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Surface Mining

Offering a Caterpillar equipment line that’s unmatched for drilling, digging and cutting; moving and hauling material; and maintaining efficient mine sites. Equipment that is designed to produce thousands of hours of trouble free service. It is built for high performance, yet deliver lower costs per tonne.

Backed with the end-to-end services we provide, our knowledge and expertise leveraged and our technologies combined to create unique site-specific solutions to improve the way you manage fleets, track materials and keep people safe. It's unparalleled support geared for your success.

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994K Wheel Loader

Cat 994K

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Cat® large wheel loaders like the Cat 994K are designed with durability built in, ensuring maximum availability through multiple life cycles. With optimised performance and simplified serviceability, the Cat 994K wheel loader allows your team to move more material efficiently and safely at a lower cost per ton. Introduced in 1990, the 994 has become the top customer choice in its size class for over 25 years. Easier to maintain and rebuild for lowest total cost of ownership, the new Cat 994K wheel loader is designed and built to handle the toughest working conditions while providing easier maintenance and repair...year after year, rebuild after rebuild. Focused on helping our customers succeed, this best-in-class wheel loader builds on Cat’s legacy of reliability, safety, operator comfort, serviceability and sustainability. 

With the new 3516E engine 16-cylinder, four-stroke design, durability, reliability and optimum performance is assured with the 994K wheel loader. Not only does this Cat wheel loader deliver quick engine response through the use of electronic controls and extended engine life with longer stroke and lower rpm ratings, it also delivers a 39% torque rise to ensure high lugging forces during digging and acceleration in high rimpull. The Cat 994K delivers a wide array of features that lower your cost per tonne, including the Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) and Rimpull Control System (RCS) that reduce tyre slippage and wear without reducing hydraulic efficiency while improving fuel efficiency in certain applications. Additional features include Economy Mode that enables maximum productivity and efficiency through advanced technologies, like the On Demand Throttle that allows operators to maintain normal operation with the left pedal while the loader manages engine speed.

As a 
Cat wheel loader, the Cat 994K has been designed and built with the highest standards of operator safety and comfort. Visibility features with the 994K that help to provide a safe work environment for operators and all on the work site include the higher cab position that delivers improved visibility while loading and the Cat Detect feature that enhances operator awareness around the machine. The operator cab provides a low sound level environment while seat air suspension and viscous cab mounts reduce vibrations from the machine to the operator, keeping your operators comfortable throughout the day and reducing operator fatigue. 

Hastings Deering is the official Cat dealer in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and offers the Cat 994K wheel loader for sale at a branch near you. In addition to extensive service coverage, we offer flat rate scheduled servicing and 24/7 parts availability with all Cat machines, ensuring you get the after-sales support your business needs to invest in high-quality machinery with confidence. When you’re ready to enhance the capabilities of your heavy equipment fleet, contact your local Hastings Deering branch

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