Sometimes it just makes sense for you to do it yourself

That’s why we now offer Self-Service Options in our broad range of repair options. These packaged solutions give you everything you need to do the work yourself — in your shop or in the field.

Genuine Cat Parts

Genuine Cat Parts

Backed by our standard 12-month Cat parts warranty.

Service Instructions

Service instructions

Self-Service Options include easy-to-read, downloadable service instructions. They even give you advice on how to do the repair in a clean and safe way, so both you and your machine stay in top operating condition.

Recommended Tooling

Recommended tooling

Don't get stuck halfway. When you buy Cat Self-Service Options, we let you know what tools you need to do the repair, with the option to purchase them.

Enter your Caterpillar serial number to browse repairs:

Need help finding the right repair?

You have options. Browse from a list of repairs or if you're not sure, get in-touch with our friendly team. They can help you select the right repair option for your machine.

Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of Self-Service Options are available?

    Self-Service Options are generally available for Preventative Maintenance (PM1 - 4) servicing and most common small repairs.

    BCP (including Compact Track Loaders, Compact Wheel Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Multi-Terrain Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Mini Hydraulic Excavators, Small Wheel Loaders, Small Track-Type Tractors and Telehandlers)

    • Alternator
    • Battery
    • Starter
    • Radiator
    • Thermostat
    • Water Pump
    • Boom Pin & Bushing
    • Stick Cylinder Pin & Bushing
    • Lift Arm Pin & Bushing
    • Swing Frame Pin & Bushing
    • Boom Cylinder
    • Stick Cylinder
    • Bucket Cylinder
    • Swing Cylinder
    • Lift Cylinder
    • Tilt Cylinder
    • Stabilizer Cylinder
    • Angle Cylinder
    • Stabilizer Pad

    GCI (including Motor Graders, Soil Compactors, Track-Type Tractors, Hydraulic Excavators and Wheel Loaders)

    • Alternator
    • Fuel Injection & Transfer Pump
    • Starter
    • Radiator
    • Thermostat
    • Turbo
    • Water Pump
    • Bucket Pin & Bushing
    • Stick Cylinder Pin & Bushing
    • Bucket Cylinder Pin & Bushing
    • Boom Cylinder
    • Stick Cylinder
    • Bucket Cylinder
    • Lift Cylinder
    • Articulation Cylinder
    • Blade Lift Cylinder
    • Blade Tip Cylinder
    • Steering Cylinder
    • Wheel Lean Cylinder

    * Self-Service Option availability varies by model and by kind of repair. May not be available on some models.

  • Where can I find Self-Service Options?

    Online at

    When you order online at and choose Self-Service Options. no matter whether you buy only one part or the whole repair, you will get the recommended Cat parts & tooling, as well as service instructions.

    Note - Service instructions only become available once you have completed checkout. The link to download is available on the Order Confirmation web page or in your Order Confirmation email.

    Online in SIS2.0

    It's easy to find repairs options available for your machine in SIS2.0 by following these instructions:

    1. Browse to SIS2.0
    2. Search for your equipment
    3. Browse to the Repairs tab
    4. Filter by "SSO" toggle
    5. Select from the list of repairs
    6. Click "Service Instructions" in the top-right of the screen

    Phone, Email & Over The Counter

    Self-Service Options are currently not available offline.

  • I need help finding the right Self-Service Option

    Hastings Deering's Parts Team are available to help you find the right Self-Service Option.

    Did you know that when you order online at you can easily find Self-Service Options yourself? Find out more.

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