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Want more out of your machines?

Discover the Cat Next Generation range of Hydraulic Excavators, Medium Wheel Loaders, and Soil Compactors. Cat Next Generation machines offer innovative technology, unmatched performance, and new standards within the construction industry.

More efficient machines means:

  • Less Fuel

  • Higher Productivity

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Innovative Built Technology

It's our smartest, safest, and most productive machines on the market. Cat Next Generation Excavators are the intelligent choice for you heavy duty projects.

Next Generation
Hydraulic Excavators
Want more out of your Hydraulic Excavator?
315 HEX Image
315 Hydraulic Excavator
With 3D Grade


Starting from $279,000 +GST*

320 Next Gen HEX
320 Hydraulic Excavator
With 3D Grade


Starting from $340,000 +GST*

330 Hydraulic Excavator
330 Hydraulic Excavator
With 3D Grade


Starting from $420,000 +GST*

336 Hydraulic Excavator Image
336 Hydraulic Excavator
With 3D Grade


Starting from $436,000 +GST*

Why choose Next Gen Excavators?

Cat Grade with 3D Allows you to load a job requirements into the machine to ensure you dig to the exact designs using satellite positioning guidance.

Cat Grade Assist Cat Grade Assist for excavators automates boom and stick movements for more accurate cuts with less effort. Grade Assist uses machine position sensors and operator defined depth and slope parameters to enable single-lever digging.

Cat Payload Next generation excavators take on all kinds of tasks - loading, stockpiling, material handling, and more. Cat® Payload technology provides on-the-go weighing to help operators hit exact targets every time and avoid overloading, underloading, or misloading materials.

Lift Assist Cat Lift Assist is an excavator safety feature that quickly calculates the actual load you are lifting and compares it to the rated load the excavator is capable of handling. Visual and auditory alerts tell you if you are within safe working range or need to take action to avoid tipping.

E-Fence E-fence keeps the front linkage within a predefined work area to avoid hazards like traffic. 2D E-fence uses data from position sensors to automatically stop motion when the front linkage reaches the defined boundaries.

Operator comfort and safety Spacious cab, seat adjustments, joystick steer, customised operator controls, 360 degree camera.

Fuel Efficiency Electrohydraulic machine with smart valve and smart pumps that allow it to run at less RPMs which means the engine isn’t working as hard, with increased cc’s on the pump, which results in complete hydraulic efficiency, complete horsepower and hydraulic efficiency . Resulting in less fuel burn without compromising on productivity.

Next Generation
Wheel Loaders
Want more out of your Wheel Loader?
Next Gen 950 Wheel Loader Image
950 Wheel Loader
With Cat Payload with Tip Off Assist and Cat Autodig


Starting from $375,000 +GST*

Next Gen 966 Wheel Loader Image
966 Wheel Loader
With Cat Payload with Tip Off Assist and Cat Autodig


Starting from $509,999 +GST*

Next Gen 980 Wheel Loader Image
980 Wheel Loader
With Cat Payload with Tip Off Assist and Cat Autodig


Starting from $650,000 +GST*

Next Gen 982 Wheel Loader Image
982 Wheel Loader
With Cat Payload with Tip Off Assist and Cat Autodig


Starting from $690,000 +GST*

Why choose Next Gen Wheel Loaders?

Cat Payload with tip off assist Payload with Assist as standard, provide semi-autonomous functionality and on-the-go weighing. This helps you optimize loading and hit exact targets safely, to avoid overloading, underloading or misloading.

Tipoff Assist allows the operator to engage the machine to adjust the bucket load to a determined target payload. Hence the machine Assists the operator by controlling the bucket dump process to adjust the final bucket weight.

Cat Autodig Autodig lets the machine take over the digging process, so you get consistently full bucket loads, greater digging efficiency and faster cycle times. It detects the pile and automates the transmission and attachment controls.

Job Aids Customisable widgets on the touchscreen machine monitor to suit your job and preferences.

Application profiles Quick tool to change multiple machine settings dependant on the job application. Set up multiple profiles dependant on applications.

Ride Control Adjusts the bounce/ shock absorption of the bucket depending on the terrain to improve comfort, decrease material spillage from bucket and increase production.

Safety Object detection radar and 360-degree cameras.

CS19 Compactor


Machine Drive Power (MDP) A Cat-exclusive technology that measures rolling resistance with the vibratory system on or off and correlates it with soil stiffness. MDP is for smooth and padfoot drums and works well in both cohesive and granular soils.

Factory Integrated Technology Cat COMPACT is a suite of technologies that help operators compact to specification with greater consistency, uniformity, and efficiency. It is easy to use, versatile, and scalable, allowing you to customize your solution to meet your needs, now and in the future. This includes Machine Drive Power (MDP), Compaction Meter Value (CMV) GNSS Mapping and Machine to Machine Communication.

Excellent Visibility Internal and external mirrors for a broad view of the job site and upgraded LED lighting for super night-time illumination.


Increased Amplitude and Static Linear Load Improved compaction and help operators to ensure compaction needs are met.

Auto-Vibe Function Provides consistency for more uniform compaction. When vibration is engaged, vibration will cease as the compactor slows beneath a predetermined speed. When propel resumes, vibration recommences at a predetermined speed. This feature contributes to uniform, high-quality work.


Extended Maintenance Intervals Industry-leading maintenance intervals keep operators working longer between scheduled services. The coolant change interval is 12,000 hours. The hydraulic oil change is 3,000 hours. The vibration-bearing oil check is 3,000 hours. Engine oil and filter service is every 500 hours.

Pod-Style Vibratory System The system design significantly reduces the risk of contamination common to conventional designs that employ metal weights. Providing unrivalled reliability and performance, the Cat pod-style vibratory system is virtually maintenance-free, with the first scheduled maintenance period at 3 years or 3,000 hours.

No-Maintenance Hitch Requires no greasing and comes with sealed-for-life bearings.

CS19 Compactor

CS19 Compactor

Terms & Conditions *Advertised price reflects Caterpillar’s manufacturer suggested resale price (MSRP) in Australia, which is currently valid until June 30, 2024 but subject to change at any time at Caterpillar or Hastings Deering's discretion. The MSRP is a non-binding suggested resale price, and Hastings Deering may elect to offer a different price, which may be lower or higher. The MSRP excludes GST. Exact machine configuration held by Hastings Deering may vary, and that may also affect the package price.