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Want more out of your machines?

Discover the Cat Next Generation range of Hydraulic Excavators, Medium Wheel Loaders, and Soil Compactors. Cat Next Generation machines offer innovative technology, unmatched performance, and new standards within the construction industry.

More efficient machines means:

  • Less Fuel

  • Higher Productivity

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Innovative Built Technology

All Cat® Next Generation machine includes

Asset Monitoring


Support Network

Jobsite Connectivity

Get all the crucial details to make smart decisions. Complimentary suite of Cat Equipment Management tools provides simple, easy access for tracking and monitoring all equipment.

HDAdvantage is a range of asset management tools and condition monitoring services, providing data-driven insights into health and productivity of assets, fleets, and worksites.

Hastings Deering field service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure we can keep you moving whenever and wherever you are.

Get real-time access to information on every machine in your fleet on any jobsite.


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CAT GRADE WITH 2D Allows operators visual guidance to grade via the standard touchscreen monitor so they can make more accurate cuts.

GRADE with Assist Gives operators easy access to a host of in-cab features that enhances their control of the machine. Easy-to-read displays allow operators to monitor all aspects of machine performance with just a quick glance. Automates boom and bucket movements to help operators of all skill levels improve their results.

CAT PAYLOAD Operators can instantly view load weights in real-time on the in-cab monitor display and know precisely how much material is in the bucket. Precise load targets avoid under-loading that reduces productivity and overloading which can lead to safety concerns.


New Electrohydraulic System & Large Hydraulic Pump Allows the engine to run at a lower engine speed without impacting production, ensuring you get more work per unit of fuel.


Reduced Maintenance Tasks Consolidated filter locations make service faster. Hydraulic, air, and fuel tank filters have increased capacity and longer life

Extended Maintenance Intervals Operators can track the excavator’s filter life and maintenance intervals via the in-cab monitor meaning less downtime.

352 Excavator ModernHex NoShadow 14

352 Hydraulic Excavator

980 Medium Wheel Loader


Autodig with Auto Set Tires Allows the operator to fully automate bucket loading to improve fill factors and loading time. Auto Set Tires promotes proper loading technique, significantly reducing tire slip and tire wear.

Cat Advanced Payload with Assist Allows operators to achieve precise bucket load information with on-the-go weighing, which helps prevent over or underloading. The low lift weigh and manual tip-off functions optimize the final bucket process and maximize efficiency

Job Aids Helps operators improve and optimize their operating skills. Making the machine operations easier for efficiency


High Power Density Engine Cat C13 engine offers high power density with a combination of proven electronics, fuel, and air systems. Meaning proven reliability on a jobsite.

Power Modes Standard and HP+. Operating the machine in the standard power mode will assure the best efficiency results in most applications.Using the available HP+ mode will not significantly increase the machine’s digging capability but will allow higher speeds on grades in Load & Carry.


Remote Troubleshoot Operators can connect the machine to the dealer service department to help diagnose problems quickly so you can get back to work.

Fewer Filters Means less maintenance. The 980 uses 65 fewer filters over 10,000 hours compared to the 980M model.

Extended Maintenance Intervals Extended fluid and filter change intervals reduce maintenance costs by up to 12%*. *Parts and fluids only

980 Wheel Loader HRC Shadow 07

980 Medium Wheel Loader

CS19 Compactor


Machine Drive Power (MDP) A Cat-exclusive technology that measures rolling resistance with the vibratory system on or off and correlates it with soil stiffness. MDP is for smooth and padfoot drums and works well in both cohesive and granular soils.

Factory Integrated Technology Cat COMPACT is a suite of technologies that help operators compact to specification with greater consistency, uniformity, and efficiency. It is easy to use, versatile, and scalable, allowing you to customize your solution to meet your needs, now and in the future. This includes Machine Drive Power (MDP), Compaction Meter Value (CMV) GNSS Mapping and Machine to Machine Communication.

Excellent Visibility Internal and external mirrors for a broad view of the job site and upgraded LED lighting for super night-time illumination.


Increased Amplitude and Static Linear Load Improved compaction and help operators to ensure compaction needs are met.

Auto-Vibe Function Provides consistency for more uniform compaction. When vibration is engaged, vibration will cease as the compactor slows beneath a predetermined speed. When propel resumes, vibration recommences at a predetermined speed. This feature contributes to uniform, high-quality work.


Extended Maintenance Intervals Industry-leading maintenance intervals keep operators working longer between scheduled services. The coolant change interval is 12,000 hours. The hydraulic oil change is 3,000 hours. The vibration-bearing oil check is 3,000 hours. Engine oil and filter service is every 500 hours.

Pod-Style Vibratory System The system design significantly reduces the risk of contamination common to conventional designs that employ metal weights. Providing unrivalled reliability and performance, the Cat pod-style vibratory system is virtually maintenance-free, with the first scheduled maintenance period at 3 years or 3,000 hours.

No-Maintenance Hitch Requires no greasing and comes with sealed-for-life bearings.

CS19 Compactor

CS19 Compactor

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