The New Cat 966 GC

More Performance. More Reliability. More Comfort. 

The new Cat® 966 GC Wheel Loader designed for reliable performance and long-term durability in a wide range of applications that require a capable, versatile machine that fits the budget.


TestedProven Reliability 
TestedSuperior Fuel Efficiency
TestedAchieve Greater Productivity 
TestedEasy & Comfortable Operator Environment 
TestedSafety Features
TestedReduced Maintenance Time & Costs 
TestedOptional Cat Production Measurement Kit* 


966 GC

Operating Weight
21,577 kg
239kW (321hp)
Bucket Capacity
up to 7.1m³
966 GC Brochure


Operating Weight
23,220 kg
232kW (311hp)
Bucket Capacity
966 M Brochure

966GC Wheel Loader

The new Cat® 966 GC Wheel Loader is easy to own and operate. It offers low fuel consumption with an on-demand fan, loadsensing hydraulics, intuitive controls, and performance series buckets. This machine is built to be just the right machine for a broad range of applications. Great machine performance combined with the low owning and operating costs makes the 966 GC the right choice for your business.

966M Wheel Loader

The 966M Wheel Loader is equipped with built-in proven technologies to help meet your expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, reliability and service life. Deep system integration results in a machine built to help you reduce emissions, improve performance and improve fuel economy. All of this is done without interrupting machine performance and making it seamless to you. This machine delivers the reliability, durability, and versatility you’ve come to expect from a Cat machine.

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