Motor Graders

Cat 120 / 120 AWD

Operating Weight
Net Power
104kW (139hp)
Moldboard Width
3.7m (12ft)

Precise. Efficient. Built For You.

The Next Generation Cat® 120 motor grader is built for you. From cab to controls, the options are in your hands. Along with better fuel economy and maintenance costs to lower your overall operating expenses.

Cat 120 Motor Grader Maintenance

Up to 15% increased economy

Standard Eco Mode saves fuel whilst maintaining productivity.

Cat 120 Motor Grader - grade control

40% material savings

Cat® GRADE technologies increase overall productivity with better accuracy and reduced rework.


Operating Weight
Net Power
104kW (139hp)
Moldboard Width
3.7m (12ft)
120 Brochure


All-Wheel Drive Net Power Range (Tier 3) 101kW Bore 105mm Derating Altitude 3000m Derating Altitude (AWD) 1676m Displacement 7.01l Emissions China Nonroad Stage III and Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA Engine Model Cat 7.1 Engine RPM 2,000 Maximum Torque - AWD On 828N·m Maximum Torque - ISO 9249 822N·m Net Power Range (Tier 3) 97kW Note (1) Net power is tested per ISO 9249, SAE J1349, and EEC 80/1269 Standards in effect at the time of manufacture. Note (2) Net power advertised is the power available at rated speed of 2,000 rpm, measured at the flywheel when engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler and alternator. Note (3) Power as declared per ISO 14396 Number of Cylinders 6 Standard Capability 50°C Stroke 135mm Torque Rise - ISO 9294 42%
Machine Weight
Joystick All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Weight* Tier 3 16499kg Joystick Weight* Tier 3 15824kg Lever/Steering Wheel All-Wheel drive (AWD) Weight* Tier 3 16454kg Lever/Steering Wheel Weight* Tier 3 15699kg Note *Typically equipped includes 3.7 m (12 ft) plus blade, tires, push plate, ripper, bottom guard, operator, and full fluids.
Arc Radius 413mm Blade Height 610mm Blade Width 3.7m Cutting Edge 152mm Cutting Edge Width 152mm End Bit 152mm Throat Clearance 120mm
Length of Machine* 9838mm Maximum Height 3465mm Note *Typically equipped with push block and ripper. Width 2592mm Width All Wheel Drive (AWD) 100.4in
Blade Range
Blade Tip Range Backward 5 Blade Tip Range Forward 40 Circle Center Shift Left 656mm Circle Center Shift Right 656mm Maximum Depth of Cut 775mm Maximum Lift Above Ground 410mm Maximum Shoulder Reach Left 1764mm Maximum Shoulder Reach Right 1928mm Moldboard Side Shift Left 512mm Moldboard Side Shift Right 663mm
Service Refill Capacities
Circle Drive 7l Cooling System 52.5l Engine Crankcase 18l Fuel Tank 246l Hydraulic System 97l Transmission and Differential 60l
Air Conditioning System
Note The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.6 kg of refrigerant which has a carbon dioxide equivalent of 2.288 metric tonnes.

How does the 120 / 120 AWD Compare?

  • Cat 120 / 120 AWD
    Motor Graders Cat 120 / 120 AWD
    Operating Weight
    Net Power
    104kW (139hp)
    Moldboard Width
    3.7m (12ft)

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  • Cat 140
    Motor Graders Cat 140
    Operating Weight
    Net Power
    136kW (183hp)
    Moldboard Width

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  • Cat 150 / 150 AWD
    Motor Graders Cat 150 / 150 AWD
    Operating Weight
    Net Power
    136-174kW (183-237hp)
    Moldboard Width
    4.3m (14ft)

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Technology that gets work done

  • Next generation motor graders offer updated GRADE technology on a 203 mm color touchscreen option.
  • Use the Digital Blade Slope Meter to get to grade without relying on manual grade checkers.
  • Cat GRADE with Cross Slope Indicate for real-time readouts. Also scalable to include automatic blade movement.
  • Optional Cat GRADE Attachment Ready Option (ARO) gives connections to add grade control technologies.
  • Optional Stable Blade senses blade bounce before you to reduce manual throttle use and site rework.
  • Improve jobsite efficiency and lower operating costs with location data, machine hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, diagnostic codes, and other machine data on demand. Contact Hastings Deering to learn how.

Move More With Less Fuel

  • Get to work with balanced weight and power in the Cat C7.1 engine.
  • Increase your fuel economy up to 15% with the standard ECO mode.
  • Cat GRADE technology helps you get to the target grade in fewer passes.
  • The powershift transmission works hard with machine balance to ensure drawbar power to the ground.
  • Power train components are specifically made to be rebuilt.

Options To Meet Your Needs

  • Improve your machine balance with the counterweight or push block for increased performance and efficiency.
  • Ripper and scarifier options are available to assist with grading hardened ground.
  • The front lift group option is ready for attachments like the straight or front blade.
  • For more road coverage, add a moldboard extension to add 605 mm.

Designed For Operators

  • Choose your cab comfort level with standard, comfort plus, and premium plus options.
  • No matter how bright it gets, view machine details from fuel levels to GRADE technology options and machine alerts with a 203 mm anti-glare color touchscreen.
  • Connect your phone with Bluetooth™ or auxiliary cord option; listen to music or podcasts during your workday.
  • Decrease clutter with more storage areas in the cab.
  • High capacity Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system dehumidifies and pressurizes the cab, circulates fresh air, seals out dust and keeps windows clear from fogging.
  • With the auto-controlled climate option, you can set your ideal temperature.
  • Easily add a radio to the cab using the built-in mounting location.
  • Keep your phone charged with the optional USB charging port along with a spot designed to hold your phone.

Built-In Safety Features

  • Factory fitted rear camera with dedicated display to view your surroundings and ensure a safe work environment.
  • The heated lens keeps the rearview camera clear.
  • In the event of an engine stall, count on the secondary steering system to automatically stop the machine safely.
  • Three points of contact when entering/exiting the machine with strategically placed walkways and grab rails.
  • Ground level engine shut-off switch stops all fuel to the engine when activated and shuts down the machine.
  • See the rear of your machine with connecting windows.
  • Work past sundown using the LED light option for increased night time visibility.
  • Keep your work site safer with Cat GRADE technology reducing the need for manual grade checking.

Save Maintenance Time

  • Filters, such as fuel, engine air, and oil filters, are grouped together for easy access.
  • Be more environmentally friendly with the next generation filters providing up to 15% reduced filtration costs.
  • Maintain roads with the standard drawbar circle moldboard with hardened circle teeth for increased durability.
  • For tight finish grading with top adjust drawbar for applications that require maximum accuracy, it offers up to 45 percent reduction in maintenance cost over the standard arrangement.
  • Hydraulic brakes are well oiled to keep them maintenance free.
  • Lower costly repairs to your circle and pinion with the Circle Saver.
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