Motor Graders

With their advanced technology delivering industry-leading precision, comfort and ease-of-operation, Cat® M Series Motor Graders maximise productivity and efficiency and minimise cost. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new motor grader for civil construction, roadworks or mining sites, the Cat® Motor Grader range is sure to tick all your boxes. Hastings Deering offers an extensive range of Cat® Motor Graders and Cat Road Graders at our QLD and NT branches. View the range below and contact your local branch for sales support and advice.

Caterpillar® Graders

Built with decades of design experience that prioritises efficiency, performance and workplace safety, you’re sure to find the perfect Cat motor grader for your grading application among the Caterpillar range. Cat motor graders and road graders combine world-class cabs, advanced hydraulics and technology options to deliver heavy-duty graders that are ideal for multiple grading applications and enable your business to complete grading projects on time and at lower costs.

Hastings Deering offers a wide range of Caterpillar graders, ranging from small motor graders like the Cat 120 to large graders like the Cat 24. Ready to get more work done in less time while keeping your operators safe and comfortable? Contact your nearest Hastings Deering branch today.

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