Raising the bar for efficiency and boasting the industry’s highest level of standard-equipped technology. Next Generation Cat Excavators now deliver more choices and lower operating costs in the 20-tonne size class.

The Cat 320 excavator brings premium performance with simple-to-use technologies like Cat GRADE with 2D, Grade Assist, and Payload - all standard equipment from the factory to boost your operator efficiencies up to 45%. Combine these features with a new cab, longer maintenance intervals that lower your maintenance costs up to 15%, and a power system that reduces fuel consumption by up to 25% and you have a low-cost-per-unit-of-production excavator that's perfect for medium to heavy-duty applications.



Operating Weight
122kW (165.8hp)
Bucket Breakout
Dig Depth
320 Brochure


Cat 320 Next Generation Excavator Efficiency

Technology boosts efficiency 45%

The highest level of standard factory-equipped technology including Cat Grade with 2D, Grade with Assist and Payload. Gives you the edge with better productivity and lower costs. Operators of all experience levels will dig, load and grade with more confidence, speed and accuracy.

Get jobs done faster with less rework
Find Out How
Cat 320 Next Generation Excavator Fuel Savings

Fuel savings reaching 25%

If you’re using fuel wisely, you’re growing your business with every tank. The Cat 320 excavator's precise combination of lower engine speed and large hydraulic pump delivers the power and performance you need to work profitably, but with up to 25 PERCENT less fuel burn than their predecessors. 

Fuel savings go right to the bottom line
Add Up The savings
Cat 320 Next Generation Excavator Safety

The real value of safety features

They’re moms and dads, sons and daughters, friends and neighbours—and they work for you. Together, we strive to send them home safely at the end of every shift. Support your safety goals with a new generation of Cat 320 construction excavators, designed to protect people and profits.

Reduce risks, increase profits
Safer is smarter

Protection in all directions

The standard 2D E-fence technology feature automatically stops excavator motion using boundaries you set in the monitor for the entire working envelope—above, below, sides and front. E-fence features protect equipment from damage and reduce fines related to zoning or underground utility damage. Automatic boundaries even help prevent operator fatigue by reducing over-swinging and over-digging.

Look out for your environment and equipment
Cat Next Generation Excavators Maintenance Features

Maintenance costs reduced by 15%

Maintenance is a pain and not just because of the downtime, but because there are parts to order, procedures to follow, fluids to dispose of—all for a machine that seems to be running just fine. It’s no wonder some equipment owners ignore the intervals. But that can be an expensive decision.

The Cat® 320 Excavator easy-maintenance design has extended, more synchronized maintenance intervals. Filter locations that make sense. Checkpoints you can reach without climbing all over the iron. Plus increased capacity and longer life hydraulic, air and fuel tank filters. That’s why new Cat Excavators feature a maintenance plan you’ll want to follow. One that lets you work more, stop less and lower costs up 15 percent.

By the numbers
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