Top Tips for Applicants

The 5 things you need to know when applying for jobs!

With the Apprenticeship Intake opening soon, make sure you are ready to submit your application with our Top 5 Tips!

1. Thoroughly review the job advertisement before applying.
We will spend hours working with internal stakeholders to understand the key responsibilities that are involved with any job. We will work to understand exactly what skills a candidate may need to bring to the role, and those that can be taught on the job.

The key thing to remember when applying, is to thoroughly read the ad, and then read it again! Ads will specify the responsibilities of the role and the key requirements needed of a candidate. If you ensure that your skills and experience match what we’re after, you will be one step closer to being shortlisted for an interview.

2. Tailor your application to the role and the company.
When you find a job and a company that you want to work for, show them!

Customise your resume and cover letter to the specific role and company that you’re chasing. Make sure to proof-read everything..

Showing that you’ve focussed on the particulars of a job ad is one way to ensure we take notice. If there are requests for documents to be attached, make sure you supply all the relevant documents.

Take your time in crafting your application, if you miss key details in the ad or forget to attach required documents, your application may be missed, even if you are the ideal candidate.

3. Prepare for the interview
You can never be too prepared for an interview. Take your time to thoroughly research the company prior to the interview. This will not only help to show the us that you’re interested in the role, it will help you to decide if this company would be a good fit for you.

Use this research time to also think of questions about the company and where your role fits. Asking questions can help open discussions with your interviewers that will help you stand out from those that don’t.

Practise makes perfect! There are always times when we get nervous and cannot think on our feet. If you look over typical interview questions and practise your answers, you will be more confident during the real thing.

Review the job ad and job descriptions, prior to an interview, make sure you are aware of exactly what you’re interviewing for. Consider examples of times where you have applied your skills and experience to the required skills listed in the job ad. As with the practise questions, practise and think of these examples ahead of time.

Dress to impress. Know the industry and role that you’re interviewing for and make sure that you are suitably dressed.
Arrive early! It is never good to be flustered when you arrive for an interview. Give yourself plenty of time to breathe and relax before you meet the recruiter.

4. Provide previous examples when answering interview questions
When offering examples of your skills and experience, it pays to be specific!

Make sure you provide the context situation, the action you took. Sum up the answer by defining the outcome or result of the situation. If the example involves teamwork, make sure you remember to highlight the role you took. We want to hear about you!

Take your time to think of an example, recruiters are people too and we understand that it can be hard to think on your feet.

Last but certainly not least:

5. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the job

Don’t take it personally, we can receive hundreds of applications for a role with many people capable of doing the job. Ask for feedback and work on how you can learn from the experience for your next application.

Make sure to consider how you react when being told you are unsuccessful. If you are interested in the industry & company, a poor reaction may impact your future opportunities, so ensure you react in a professional manner

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