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25 July 2022

SOS Kits now live in parts.cat.com

Did you know that the Hastings Deering Conditioning Monitoring Centre is the biggest laboratory of its type in the Southern Hemisphere processing more than 2,500 samples daily?

The laboratory offers a range of testing to suit nearly any application to optimise the productive life of machinery

Our  team are excited to annouce that Schedule Oil Sample Kits are now available in parts.cat.com

Sample kits are easily identified, making it simple to determine the correct analysis for the job with a single payment including postage, analysis, and reporting. Analysis can be performed on lubricating oil, grease, coolant, diesel, emulsion fluids and particle wear debris.

Sample kits were not part of the Caterpillar core product range, and therefore were not available on parts.cat.com. The introduction of Hastings Deering branded Schedule Oil Sample Kits (SOS) kits to the online platform is a result of the joint effort between the Laboratory team, and team members within the Digital Transformation Program and IT.

You can now search, view images, read descriptions, check pricing and availability for this range of products and proceed to checkout via parts.cat.com

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