Local business centre hosts 90-year celebrations

20 June 2022

Local business centre hosts 90-year celebrations

The Alice Springs Hastings Deering business centre hosted extended members of its community last night, to celebrate the business’ 90-year milestone in the location that jump-started it all. 

From humble beginnings, Hastings Deering has grown to be one of the largest Cat® dealerships globally. 

This legacy started with expansion into the Northern Territory and the purchase of the Alice Springs business centre, which this year celebrates 75 years with Hastings Deering.

hastings deering 90 year celebrations in Alice Springs
Hastings Deering CEO, Mark Scott, told the event it was only right to kick off the milestone celebrations in the place the company’s Caterpillar story began. 

“Standing in our founding Caterpillar dealership surrounded by our community of customers, partners and employees makes this all the more special,” Mr Scott said. 

“Although our partnership with Caterpillar has been crucial to our business success, we all know Hastings Deering is more than that. Our success is seen in our people, our heritage and heart.”

hastings deering 90 year celebrations in Alice Springs
With employees ranging from apprentices at the start of their career and ‘veterans’ who have served more than 50 years with the company, Mr Scott said the consistent theme amongst staff was the pride in being a member of the Hastings Deering community. 

“We take our heart very seriously. Behind the heavy machinery, and the products and services we provide are our staff and customers. They are who we look to and think of when we consider our business,” he said.

“Each and every one of them demonstrates the culture and spirit that has seen our company grow through decades of changes.” 

hastings deering 90 year celebrations in Alice Springs


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