Next day Parts Delivery service in Darwin

25 May 2022

Hastings Deering launches next day Parts Delivery service in Darwin

Working with heavy machinery, means daily maintenance to ensure moving components are in top form while on demanding projects.

Angela Hennessy, Darwin Branch Manager for Ezyquip Hire says that the need to ensure minimal downtime in remote areas is key to keeping their customers happy, and projects on time. 

With a fleet of over 260 in regional Northern Territory, parts supply is a huge demand for the business.

“Parts are really important for us at Ezyquip. We live in a remote area, and the projects were involved in are even more remote.”

“We need fast, efficient delivery of parts to ensure downtime on our machines are minimal and our customers are happy,” she said.

With many customers in the same situation, Ian Wieck, Parts Manager at Hastings Deering in the Northern Territory, said that the branch has seen the opportunity to make life easier in the region by implementing a next day delivery service.

“We are continually looking for opportunities to improve how we can support our customers and get parts out to them sooner.”

“We saw the opportunity to offer a delivery service rather than having our customers come into the branch and waiting. If we can take it to them and minimize their waiting and travel time, it gets them parts when they need them, and they can get back to work faster.”

As well as the new parts delivery service, Mr. Wieck said that they have redesigned the entire parts warehouse, to ensure faster, more efficient supply to customers.

“We’ve been working hard over the past 18 months to increase our inventory holding and make changes to the flow of the warehouse to make sure we’re getting parts out to our customers faster.”

hastings deering parts delivery truck

The new and improved parts warehouse in Darwin, now has the capacity to hold over 20,000 lines, and over $10 million worth of inventory to support the region.

“We doubled our high-rise storage and increased our bins and high-density storage capacity by up to 30%.”

“These improvements have been beneficial for our customers in getting their parts faster, we’re seeing an increase in 25% efficiency and productivity within the warehouse.

With many customers needing to attend the branch frequently to maintain their fleets, the improvements in efficiencies and the delivery service, will be key to minimizing downtime for all customers.

“We’re really excited about the new parts delivery service. We would attend Hastings Deering up to four times a day to collect parts, and by having this service, it’s going to improve our efficiency in our workshop and delivery of parts to site,” said Ms. Hennessy.


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