Guide to Cat Industrial Diesel Engines

13 May 2022

Cat industrial diesel engines with Tier 4 technology are designed and engineered to meet the toughest emissions standards while delivering the performance and efficiency you’ve come to expect from Caterpillar. Combining unprecedented power density with the traditional advantages that diesel engines deliver across fuel economy, durability and reliability, Cat industrial diesel engines that leverage Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology (ACERT) are also renowned for the best-in-class uptime and equipment management options and safety standards they deliver and are backed by the most responsive support network worldwide.

Cat 740 GC articulated truck and C15 engine

The Cat 740 GC is a massive 22.7 m³ articulated truck with a 36.3 tonne capacity that’s powered by the Cat C15 ACERT engine and delivers high performance across a range of heavy applications. This industry-leading diesel engine is equipped with a combination of proven electronic, fuel, air and aftertreatment components to ensure maximum power, response, uptime, fuel economy and reliability with minimal maintenance costs and emissions. The features that make Cat C15 ACERT engines the perfect match for workhorse machines like the Cat 740 GC articulated truck include advanced MEUI-C injector platforms that deliver increased injection pressures and precise fuel rates while enhancing responsiveness and controlling soot and Cat’s innovative air-management systems that deliver optimised airflow and enhanced power, efficiency and reliability.

Cat 966 wheel loader and C9 engine

The Cat 966 GC is a large wheel loader that’s designed for reliable performance and long-term durability and is powered by the Cat C9.3B engine. This high-performance Cat industrial engine produces 340 kW of power through a combination of a high-pressure common rail fuel system that eliminates the need for coolers and advanced aftertreatment technology, such as inlet throttle valve technology and in-cylinder dosing. The many benefits the Cat C9.3B engine delivers for heavy equipment fleet owners include 18% more power, 21% more torque and a 12% lighter engine package than previous models.

Cat 325 excavator and C4.4 engine

The Cat 325 excavator is powered by the Cat C4.4 ACERT engine and delivers premium performance in a compact radius design with lower fuel and maintenance costs than comparable excavators in its weight class. As a Cat industrial engine, the C4.4 delivers the perfect balance of durability, fuel efficiency and low emissions, and has been extensively tested on the job to ensure the highest performance standards across the toughest applications. In addition to powering excavators like the Cat 325, the C4.4 engine is used extensively across a broad range of applications including agricultural, construction, material handling, mining and many more.

Cat diesel and industrial engine services

To get maximum lifespan and performance from your Cat diesel industrial engine, lowering your ownership costs and maintaining its value, scheduled servicing is a must. While some fleet owners choose to service their vehicles internally, it’s always best to have your Cat engines serviced by a factory-trained Cat technician using the latest tools, techniques and technology to ensure the highest servicing standards and the use of Cat Genuine Parts for any parts or component replacements required. Hastings Deering offers trusted and flexible engine servicing options to suit your individual needs and protect your investment in quality Cat machinery.

As your Cat industrial diesel engine is built to perform for multiple lifetimes, with an engine rebuild it’s possible to extend its service life and improve its efficiency and reliability. This enables you to get maximum returns on your original investment. The Cat engine rebuild process is extensive and involves ten stages — inspection, disassembly, reconditioning, engine testing, reassembly, performance testing, repainting, final inspection and customer evaluation — which is why a Cat Certified Commercial Engine Rebuild is only available through an official Cat dealer, like Hastings Deering.

Protecting your Cat diesel engine

To protect your Cat diesel engine by ensuring it’s always clean and free of contaminants that can affect its performance and service life, it’s vital to use the right Cat filters at all times. Cat engine filters are designed and engineered to deliver high filtration efficiency and protect engines from dirt, dust, rust and other debris that can cause premature damage. Three main types of Cat engine filters are available, air filters, fuel filters and engine oil filters, with each available in three efficiency grades — Standard, Advanced and Ultra High Efficiency.

  • Standard Efficiency Filters — provide reliable contaminant filtration and engine protection
  • Advanced Efficiency Filters — provide increased contamination control and engine protection
  • Ultra High Efficiency Filters — provide optimum contamination control across all applications.

Hastings Deering is the official Cat dealer for Queensland and Northern Territory. Along with new Cat equipment sales, used equipment sales and Cat rentals, we offer a complete range of Cat Genuine Parts and can also assist your business with scheduled servicing and the right repair options that help to protect your investment in quality Cat machinery.  To find out more, contact your local Hastings Deering branch.

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