Cat Connect Technologies and Services

13 May 2022

Cat® Connect is a heavy equipment management solution that delivers a wealth of benefits to business owners with heavy equipment fleets, including increased productivity, enhanced safety and decreased operating costs. By providing maintenance alerts, tracking equipment movements and monitoring fuel usage, Cat Connect Solutions enable businesses like yours to increase machine up-time and reduce the number of machines being serviced or repaired in the workshop. No matter the industry or environment in which you operate, from agriculture and civil construction to quarries and roadworks, Cat Connect Technologies and Services help to keep your heavy equipment operating as efficiently and with as little downtime as possible, empowering your business to get more work done and maximise your profit margins on every project you undertake. 

Work Smarter with Cat Connect

Cat Connect Solutions consists of five solution sets — Equipment Management, Productivity, Safety, Sustainability and Command — that work together to enable your business to work smarter at all levels by improving machine uptime and utilisation, optimising production and enhancing worksite safety.

Equipment Management

By using the data from technology-equipped machines, this industry-leading heavy equipment management solution can help you to improve your operations and reduce owning and operating costs in a variety of ways.

  • Improved operations — Avoid over-utilisation of machinery by tracking machine availability, location and idle times to decide which and how many machines are required to complete a project. 
  • Control costs — Reduce fuel burn by lowering idle times and remote machine monitoring and identify small problems requiring attention before they snowball into big problems requiring major repairs. 
  • Get more done — By closing the knowledge gap and enabling team members to work more efficiently by spending less time investigating the condition of machines, Cat Connect helps you get more done. 


By connecting you with the right combination of productivity technologies that monitor your team’s work in real time, Cat Connect empowers your team to maximise efficiency and profitability regardless of fleet size. 

  • Payload — To help you maximise payload, optimise efficiency and increase productivity, Cat Connect Payload Technologies provide on-the-go load weighing to help your operators achieve precise targets. 
  • Grade — Cat Connect Grade Technologies can help your operators improve grading efficiency and reduce the number of passes by as much as 50% while reducing material, surveying and labour costs.
  • Link — Cat LINK Technologies comprise two key components, Cat Product Link and VisionLink, that grab data from machine sensors and control systems, and enable you to view this data on any device. 


By improving visibility and jobsite awareness through hazardous zone alerts and machine location monitoring, Cat Connect Technologies and Services can help to improve safety practices and reduce the risk of injuries. 

  • Improve safety practices — Cat Connect helps to improve worksite safety by enhancing operator visibility and hazardous zones awareness and can also aid in the identification of operator fatigue. 
  • Track equipment location — By tracking the location and speed of heavy equipment in real time, Cat Connect can help your team implement avoidance zones and reduce the risk of preventable accidents. 
  • Apply remote control — By providing the ability to apply remote control in harsh or challenging environments, this heavy equipment management solution effectively contributes to a safer worksite. 


By improving performance through reduced fuel consumption and enhanced jobsite efficiency, Cat Connect helps businesses to simplify compliance reporting and reduce the environmental impact of your operations. 

  • Minimise costs — Through reduced fuel consumption, more effective machine monitoring and better utilisation of heavy equipment, your business can minimise its machine owning and operating costs.
  • Simplify reporting — Cat Connect helps business owners to simplify their environmental compliance reporting requirements by providing accurate machine utilisation data across the fleet in real time. 
  • Reduce emissions — By monitoring the fuel-burn of each machine and more effectively managing resource consumption, Cat Connect empowers businesses like yours to reduce carbon emissions. 


By delivering improvements across key areas like operator safety, site productivity and equipment availability using remote control, your team can work more safely and efficiently in harsh or challenging environments.

  • Enhance safety — By controlling heavy machinery from a safe distance, your operators are removed from hazardous conditions on-site, eliminating safety risks and helping to reduce preventable injuries.
  • Increase productivity — With Cat Command, your operators will be less affected by noise, vibration and rough terrain that contributes to operator fatigue, a common cause of reduced productivity. 
  • Maintain control — With technological advances, including a range of built-in safety features, your operators are empowered to smoothly and precisely control machinery from a safe distance. 

As the official Cat dealer for Queensland and Northern Territory, Hastings Deering can help your business implement the right Cat Connect Solutions and empower your team to work smarter and safer. To learn more about this industry-leading heavy equipment management solution and the benefits for your business, contact your local Hastings Deering branch.

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