Cat MD6420 Rotary Drill - Safe, Efficient, Accurate

Designed for heavy duty open pit mining, the MD6420 delivers operational safety, reliable performance, and durability that is favored by drillers around the world. While staying true to those original performance expectations, the new MD6420B marks a tremendous step forward in the life of this model as it encompasses leading features from the ultra-class to the mid-size rotary drill line.

Some of the advanced features available are improved fuel efficiency, electro-hydraulic controls that provide increased operator safety and precise functional controls, computer controlled drilling, enhanced diagnostics, automation of functions and more. Further, through integration with mine management systems, communications networks and safety systems, the new MD6420B drill is autonomous ready.


Bit Load (max)
Hole Diameter (max)
Multi-Pass Depth (max)
Single-Pass Depth (max)

Built-In Reliability

Even in the toughest environments, Cat® Rotary Blast Drills are designed, built and supported to deliver maximum reliability and a lifetime of exceptional value.

Longer Repair Intervals

Advanced control systems and durable Cat components result in measurable advantages in meantime to repair. Cat Rotary Drills are designed to need less service and maintenance over their working life.

Cat control technologies help to protect vital systems and components.

Built-in high-level diagnostics ensure that the right repairs get done quickly.

When it’s time, a Cat Certified Rebuild delivers a full second service life.

MD6420 Proven Advantage

Speed And Accuracy

Drill productivity comes down to two critical factors: speed and accuracy. Sure, an operator can push a drill to its limits and produce a lot of vertical footage quickly. But if the resulting holes don’t stand up or if they’re the wrong depth or in the wrong place, it can result in time-consuming rework, a less-than-ideal shot and unnecessary drill wear and high consumables costs.

INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEMSMD6420 Rotary Drills - Intelligent Control Systems

Computer controls built into Cat® C-Series Rotary Drills provide accurate, concise data to the operator. Onboard processors track component status, interlock conditions, and other related inputs thousands of times a minute. Drilling, leveling and tramming functions guide the driller through the drilling process, ensuring precise control of pressures and speeds to deliver optimum performance at every step.

HIGH PRECISION GUIDANCEMD6420 Rotary Drills - high precision guidance

Add Cat Terrain for drilling precision guidance capabilities any time - putting the drill plan in the cab, so operators can go right to work without waiting for the patterns to be marked out on the bench. An in-cab display guides operators quickly and precisely to each hole location. The C-Series platform also provides a solid foundation for future Cat Command semi-autonomous and autonomous capabilities.

FAST, STABLE TRIMMINGMD6420 Rotary Drills - fast and stable trimming

Beefy, low-profile design of C-Series drills contributes to a lower center of gravity, resulting in greater stability while tramming and drilling. Two-speed tramming and Auto Mast control improves hole-to-hole set-up times, while making it easy to line up hole locations. Plus, Cat undercarriage provides industry leading reliability and performance.

COMFORTABLE ERGONOMICSMD6420 Rotary Drills - comfortable ergonomics

The spacious, well-laid out cab of the Cat C-Series works to keep operators alert and productive. Controls and ergonomic component placement limit arm movements, letting operators sit and work comfortably all shift long. In conjunction with the computer control systems, the carefully-designed working environment helps operators stay focused and get more done every day.

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