Designed and developed specifically for high production mining and construction applications, the Next Generation Cat® 785 off-highway truck with its Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) reduces load cycle times by up to 5% through larger tyres, higher horsepower and technological advancements that deliver smoother and faster shifts, gear optimisation and enhanced acceleration. And with additional features like optimised payload, the 785 truck enables businesses to move more material per hour, boosting your on-site capabilities and business bottom line. 

This industry-leading haul truck is powered by the 3512E engine with its 12-cylinder four-stroke design to deliver high power, reliability, more complete fuel combustion and optimum fuel efficiency and lower overall operating costs. The 785 also delivers a 23% net torque increase that provides unequalled lugging force during acceleration, in rough underfoot conditions and on steep grades. The Next Gen 785 also offers 33R51 and 36R51 tyre options which enables you to choose the tyres that fit your operations and can speed up cycle times with more productivity and more payload. 

As a Cat off-highway truck, the Cat 785 truck delivers outstanding operator comfort and safety, and unlike other haul and dump trucks on the market, has been designed by operators for operators. This delivers a state-of-the-art operator environment that prioritises efficiency and ergonomics by automating functions, increasing comfort and boosting operator confidence. Additional features that improve operator capabilities include four-corner oil-cooled brakes and Automatic Retarding Control to improve handling and machine control, enabling your operators to work quickly and confidently.

Hastings Deering is the official Cat dealer in Queensland and Northern Territory. We work closely with clients in the mining industry and have the Cat 785 for sale and ready for you to inspect. To find out more about the Cat 785 dump truck, including price and specs, contact your nearest Hastings Deering branch


Body Capacity
Loaded Speed
Operating Weight
1,082kW (1,470hp)
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