One look at the AP255 Asphalt Paver reveals it is a compact machine that easily maneuvers around the twists and turns of cart paths, walkways and bicycle trails. A wide range of extensions can increase paving width to 3.4m, creating a combination of maneuverability and production which makes the AP255 a great fit for applications such as parking lots, urban streets—and the golf and cycle paths. Central and right side reduction attachments further expand paving capability to make quick work of trenches, sidewalks and narrow shoulders. It offers a comfortable operating environment with all paver and screed functions easily accessible to a single operator for performance efficiency. Plus, electrically heated screed plates enable quick startup when moving to the next starting position. The AP255 will arrive at that next position in a hurry, its compact nature also makes for easy on- and offloading and cost-efficient transport.


Standard Paving Width
1.4m - 2.6m
Max Paving Width
Throughput Capacity
Operating Weight w/Screed
Paving Speed
Paving Depth
34.1kW (46.4hp)
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