As New Life - Maximum Value. Rebuild programs tailored to your needs plus 24-months / 4000-hours parts and service warranty!


Cat® Certified Rebuild programs help you benefit from the multiple lives designed into Cat machines and components at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  You can recover all the performance and productivity of your original machine - and capture the benefits of the latest engineering updates, too.

• Like-new performance at a fraction of the new price
• Endorsed by Caterpillar
• Completed with genuine Cat parts
• New parts warranty on all replaced parts
• Your choice of extended power train coverage

Certified Machine Rebuild 

Get the most value out of your machine

With a Cat Certified Rebuild, you can recover all the performance and productivity of your original machine while benefiting from the latest engineering updates.

Certified Engine Rebuild

Rebuild your engine and recover performance

When you invest in Cat equipment, you’re investing in durability, dependability and performance. And when you rebuild your Cat engine, you’re maximizing that investment.

Certified Power Train Rebuild

Renew the performance of your power train

The heart of any piece of equipment is the power train. A rebuilt power train can improve performance, increase machine availability and greatly extend the
productive life of your equipment.

Certified Machine Component Rebuild

Restore the life of your components

Getting the most out of your machine means getting the most out of your power train. A component rebuild will restore your engine, transmission, torque converter, axle assemblies or final drives to like-new performance.

Certified Hydraulic Rebuild

A focused rebuild program

You have options when it comes to renewing the performance of your equipment fleet—everything from complete machine rebuilds to rebuilds focused on your hydraulic systems.

Component Exchange

New Components

Component Repair

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