Fleet and Productivity Maintenance

Managing Maintenance

Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential for maximizing up time and extending the life of your equipment. Hastings Deering offers a Cat® Preventative Maintenance program to keep your machines in top working condition and avoid costly major repairs and unexpected downtime.

The Preventive Maintenance program focus on three areas:

Contamination Control: More than 70% of hydraulic component failures can be traced to some type of contamination. Expert diagnostics and inspections can detect problems long before your operators can detect them.

SOS Fluids Analysis: Hastings Deering laboratory offers a range of products and services for sampling and monitoring the condition of vital fluids such as oil, coolant, fuel and filtergrams to provide visibility of asset performance and health across your entire fleet.”

Technical Inspections: Visual checks and operational assessments are performed during each Preventative Maintenance service.

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