HMS Trailer launches in Central Queensland

28 March 2022

Hastings Deering expands field service capability with the new HMS trailer

With the growth in the Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovel (HMS) population in the region, the Hastings Deering Mackay branch has expanded its field service capabilities with the inclusion of a new HMS Field Service Trailer.

The trailers, introduced in early March 2022 are rated at 3.5 tonne capacity, and have enabled the field service team to increase tooling and parts capacity when visiting customers on site.

Current weight restrictions on field service vehicles inhibits the amount of tooling that technicians can carry to site.  Moving from a position as the field service foreman, Mark Cunningham, Equipment Specialist for HMS products at Hastings Deering, knew the limitations and difficulties this presented with managing high calibre jobs on site.

Mr. Cunningham says that the trailer allows technicians to provide a better, more streamlined service for their customers.
“We can transfer weight out of the current field service vehicles onto the trailer, potentially enabling another 2.5tonnes. This increases what our technicians can take to a job, including parts.”

“It’s all about having the parts and specialised tooling there for the customers,” he states. “By carrying all the tooling and parts required for a job, we’re able to improve our service and increase the overall value of Hastings Deering Field Service for our customers.”

hastings deering HMS Trailer

The 6040 HMS has become the first choice for many customers within the region, growing the market substantially over the past 3 years.

With each of the 6040 machines incorporating two engines, and two PTO’s, this doubles the numbers of componentry required.

Mr. Cunningham further explains that most of the works currently being conducted by the Field Service technicians are scheduled services and commissioning during PCR events.  (Planned Component Replacement)

These services comprise of high technical work across hydraulic tunes, engine valves sets and modular change outs.

“The big thing with the Hydraulic Tunes, is that with the team having access to all the tooling and parts, we can eliminate some live work tasks on these jobs.”

“With many of our customers having a drive to eliminate live work on site, this capability now reduces the time our team are on site working on “live” machines.”

“Anything our teams can do to contribute to the eliminate of live work is a huge benefit to the customers and the overall safety of the whole maintenance team.”

The new HMS Trailer is now servicing the Mackay region with an estimated radius of around 300 kilometers including many of the mines in the Bowen Basin.

With 4 specialist technicians coming from the HMS world, the Mackay Field Service team is well equipped with the skills to work on regular servicing, PCR events and major break down issues to service the market.

The trailer is equipped with a Blue Tooth trailer break, so any of the field service team can use it for service calls giving flexibility for multiple technicians.

“This trailer is about providing the best value service for our customers. Our teams have the right tools for the job, on the job, saving the customer time and minimizing downtime.”

“We’re able to drive straight to the job site and get things moving faster,” said Mr. Cunningham.


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