Our current Enterprise Agreement started on 12 March 2019 and nominally expires on 14 September 2021. This website has been developed to keep you informed and updated with all the information relating to the EA process. Bargaining is expected to commence at the end of April 2021.


Our bargaining objectives will be to:

  • Participate in the bargaining process with honesty and transparency
  • Collaborate and co-operate with all individuals involved in the bargaining process
  • Exercise fairness and consideration of costs when negotiating
  • Be guided by our values of No Harm, Integrity, Transparency, and Care
  • Aim for a prompt bargaining outcome
  • Achieve a negotiated outcome that balances the needs of employees and the business.



If you have any questions or additional feedback, please send an email to ea2021@hastingsdeering.com.au.

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