2021 Enterprise Agreement

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The current Hastings Deering Enterprise Agreement is due to nominally expire on 14 September 2021. Bargaining for the new 2021 agreement is underway and this webpage has been developed to keep you informed and updated on the negotiation and voting process.


Our bargaining objectives are to:

  • Participate in the bargaining process with honesty and transparency
  • Collaborate and co-operate with all individuals involved in the bargaining process
  • Exercise fairness and consideration of costs when negotiating
  • Be guided by our values of No Harm, Integrity, Transparency, and Care
  • Aim for a prompt bargaining outcome
  • Achieve a negotiated outcome that balances the needs of employees and the business.


If you have any questions or additional feedback, please send an email to ea2021@hastingsdeering.com.au or call on
1800 244 672.


The access period for the vote will commence on XX MONTH 2020. The voting period for the proposed Enterprise Agreement will commence on XX MONTH 2020 in our Business Centres. Employees who want to vote in person in a business centre can do so between XX MONTH and XX MONTH. For Employees who work remotely in the field, on mine sites, or who are on leave, voting will be available over the telephone between XX MONTH and XX MONTH. The following documents will be a helpful source of information regarding the voting process.

Doucment Title  What will this document tell me?  Document (pdf) 
Declaration of Results  This document confirms the voting results from each of the business centres and shows a breakdown against each area, following the voting period between 3 and 12 September. It also includes the telephone voting results.  Declataion of Results 13.09.18
Telephone Vote Information  This document provides instructions to employees who are going vote by telephone, and who are enrolled to vote by phone. The document highlights the Helpline phone number for the Australian Election Company for when an employee needs to retrieve a Password and PIN for the telephone vote.  Telephone Vite Information - September 2018
Voting Process  This document explains the voting process and will help you understand who is eligible to vote, the difference between attendance voting and phone voting, and how the vote is counted.  Enterprise AGreement 2018 - September Voting Process
How to Vote  This document explains the voting process and will help you understand what you need to do, where you need to go, what you need to bring, and who to speak to if you have questions.  EA How to Vote - September 2018
FAQ's  This document has been prepared by the AEC and covers frequently asked questions in relation to the enterprise agreement voting process.  EA How to Vote - September 2018


The Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited (HDAL) current Enterprise Agreement, is a single Enterprise Agreement covering eligible employees, as per those contained in the Classifications in the Schedule to the Agreement. The Agreement operates from 14 June 2021 and although this agreement nominally expires on 14 September 2021, it will continue to operate until it is terminated or replaced by a new Enterprise Agreement.

HDAL has commenced the bargaining process for the new Agreement, with the below table including important information from the bargaining sessions held between the bargaining representatives.


Enterprise bargaining is the process of an employer bargaining with its employees to determine working conditions and entitlements. Once agreed upon, these are recorded in an enterprise agreement. HDAL’s enterprise bargaining process is regulated by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).

Bargaining for a proposed enterprise agreement begins when the employer agrees to bargain, or initiates bargaining. There is no set timeframe in which bargaining must be completed, although it is usually beneficial for all parties to reach an agreement as soon as possible.

At HDAL, we have a single Enterprise Agreement which covers eligible employees, as per those contained in the Classifications in the Schedule to the current agreement.

The current Agreement nominally expires on 13 June 2018, however it will continue to operate until it is terminated or replaced by a new Enterprise Agreement.


Employees were notified of their representational rights in relation to initiation of bargaining in an email dated 7 December 2017.

You can download the Notice of employee representational rights (PDF)


The bargaining process usually begins with bargaining representatives submitting a log of claims, which is a list of key priorities to be discussed. The process then follows three steps:

  • The bargaining representatives meet to negotiate a draft Agreement.
  • Once the Agreement content has been agreed in principle between the bargaining representatives, employees are asked to vote on the Agreement. Voting is optional.
  • If a valid majority of employees vote in favour of the Agreement, the Agreement is sent to the Fair Work Commission for certification.


An enterprise agreement is an agreement made between an employer and its employees that sets out working conditions and entitlements.

The relevant modern award provide the minimum conditions of employments for most HDAL employees. In order for an enterprise agreement to be certified by the Fair Work Commission, it must result in employees being 'better off overall' than if they were covered by the modern award.


Employees have the right to represent themselves or nominate a bargaining representative to participate in the negotiations on their behalf.

If you are a member of a union, your union will automatically represent you in enterprise bargaining.

You can participate in the enterprise bargaining process by:

  • making comments, asking questions and providing feedback to the HDAL Enterprise Agreement Team
  • reading updates
  • providing feedback directly to your union or appointed bargaining representative
  • voting on the proposed Agreement.


All employees to be covered by the proposed Agreement will be notified seven days before voting commences, and this is called the “access period”. Employees will be provided with access to a copy of the proposed Enterprise Agreement and other explanatory materials during the access period.

Employees will also be notified of the time and place that the vote will take place and the voting method that will be used.

If a majority of employees do not vote in support of the proposed agreement, then the bargaining representatives may resume negotiations.


Once a majority of voters support a new Enterprise Agreement through a ‘Yes’ vote, the Agreement must be lodged with the Fair Work Commission for approval.

The Fair Work Commission reviews the Agreement to ensure that it meets all of the requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), including the ‘better off overall test’. This test requires that employees are better off overall than the relevant modern awards.

Once the Commission certifies the Agreement, HDAL is notified and the Agreement comes into effect on the date specified.


A Frequently Asked Questions document has been developed to provide you with the common questions asked about the Enterprise Agreement and the negotiation and voting process. Please check back here regularly as this document will continue to be updated to answer your questions.


Below are the key documents relevant to the Enterprise Bargaining process, including the draft new agreement, and other important notifications. We will add to this list as documents are released.

Letter from Dean Mehmet on 23.04.2018 - Letter to Employees from Dean Mehmet, CEO & MD of Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited, and posted on 23.04.2018 explaining to them why they should vote "YES" to the proposed Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2018.

Notice of Employee Representational Rights – (“NERR”) Employees were notified of their representational rights in relation to initiation of bargaining in an email dated 7 December 2017.

Letter from Dean Mehmet – (“Bargaining Notification”). This letter is the Bargaining Notification from our CEO, Dean Mehmet that provides information about commencing bargaining for the 2018 Enterprise Agreement.

EA Survey Summary – provides an overview of responses to the employee survey conducted during October 2017.

Enterprise Agreement – this is the current Hastings Deering (Australia) Limited Enterprise Agreement 2016.


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