Hastings Deering Financing and Insurance

You can rely on Cat® Financial and Hastings Deering to provide the best financing solution for your company. Whether you are looking to finance one piece of construction equipment or a fleet, a boat with a Cat engine or a power supply backed by a Cat generator, Hastings Deering’s finance representatives will help you get the most out of your investment.

Regardless of your needs, Cat Financial has the financing and insurance solution to help you expedite your purchase and get your equipment on the job, fast. We offer fast and easy financing, with individualised payment plans. You chose Cat equipment because you know Caterpillar offers reliable, productive, and powerful machinery. Now, choose Cat Financial and Hastings Deering to help improve your business.


There’s a wide variety of Cat® Financial solutions offered through Hastings Deering including quite specifically tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and its cash flow and profit projections.



Secured Chattel Mortgage Agreements provide immediate ownership with payments over flexible terms and deposit and trade-in arrangements.
Commercial Hire Purchase allows for ownership to be transferred to you when the finance contract is completed. Flexible terms and trade-in arrangements are also available.

Flexible Finance Leases provide you with tax benefits and comes with a variety of lease-end options, with terms including including residuals and outright ownership.

Operating Leases allow for a fixed period of monthly payments and no residual risk with flexible alternatives at lease end.

Lines of Credit allow you confidence to get your equipment on the job with speed.


Physical Damage Insurance covers damage to equipment from collision, fire, overturn and more. Extended Protection ensures you have cover when machines and engines require unexpected repair costs.


Here are a few reasons to consider us.

Hastings Deering’s Australian Heritage

Who can you trust more than one of the world’s most reputable machine builders in Caterpillar in a long-standing association with one of Australia’s greatest and, most respected companies.


High Satisfaction with Caterpillar

Customers tell us they’re more satisfied with their equipment when they finance through Hastings Deering and use Cat Financial products.


High percentage of finance approvals

Your loan or lease has a better chance of approval with Hastings Deering Cat Financial. We approve 89 percent of the applications we receive, compared to an industry average of 68 percent and banks are just 60 percent.


A reputation for lower deposits

You won’t need a large deposit with Cat Financial. In 2011, nearly 47 percent of our customers deposited just 0 to 5 percent. Less than 30 percent of customers from our closest competition made deposits payments as low as this.


Quick, painless service

You’ll likely get approval faster, receive your finance quicker and pay less in fees with Hastings Deering organised Cat Financial than you would with other financial institutions.


More agreeable terms

Count on Hastings Deering and Cat Financial are not just fair-weather friends. During the economic downturn, we modified close to 16,000 contracts, or 18 percent of our retail portfolio, to keep our customers in business. We’re built for the long haul and for the life of your business.


Dedicated and experienced finance specialists

Our finance team at Hastings Deering is solely focused on Cat equipment and has a wealth of expertise in your industry, which means we can better serve you and satisfy your very specific requirements.
Use our tools and calculators
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  • Financial Solutions Selector: navigate through our vast finance product service selection.
  • Lease/Own Comparison Tool: complete this quick assessment to view the benefits of leasing and buying Cat equipment through Hastings Deering.
  • Payment Calculator: find a flexible payment plan that you can tailor to your needs. Estimate monthly payments and insurance options that you can easily arrange with Hastings Deering.
  • Credit Application: online is one way to apply for financing which includes different options for submitting the application and contacting finance advisors at Hastings Deering.