Hastings Deering is pleased to announce the next generation platform for VisionLink®. Over the past two years, Caterpillar, Trimble® and VirtualSite Solutions have been working towards building a next generation platform that delivers a more scalable, modernised foundation, enabling even more powerful features than the VisionLink Legacy application does today.

New Functionality

The new VisionLink is modular, with functionality targeted to address the needs of key roles of mining and construction customers.

VisionLink® Unified Suite is available now, The current VisionLink Legacy service will be retired on 30th September 2017.

The VisionLink® Unified Suite of applications will initially include VisionLink Unified Fleet, VisionLink Unified Service, VisionLink Unified Productivity, and VisionLink Administrator. These core applications are designed to make asset monitoring and fleet management even easier than before with customisable dashboards, streamlined workflows, enhanced performance, simple user interfaces, and embedded training features.

More Support

In parallel with the introduction VisionLink® Unified Suite, Hastings Deering is expanding our Technology Support Desk. This dedicated team’s objective is to support Hastings Deering customers in their use of technology, providing a single point of contact for all Caterpillar Technology and Technology Services queries for mining and construction customers.

For more information contact:

Technology Support Desk
Phone: 1800 379 858

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