Caterpillar hydraulic excavators

Wherever there are Hydraulic Mining Shovels & Excavators, we're there

Removing overburden and loading haul trucks is not work for the faint hearted. It’s tough grind that Cat® hydraulic shovels and excavators achieve with ease and for which they have long established track records across the mining spectrum. After multiple design upgrades in software and parts, swing times have been reduced and more energy-efficient speeds achieved. When combined with a sturdy Cat undercarriage and high-level diagnostic systems, greater efficiencies result along with reduced downtime.

Caterpillar offers the widest payload range in the industry, including smaller hydraulic excavators perfect for use in support applications. The entire range is lined up at Hastings Deering where the team is ready to back you for the life of the machine, no matter where you are.

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