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Safety Training & Consultancy

A division of Hastings Deering Institute of Technology, Safety Training delivers safety training and consultancy services to local government and the mining, construction and transportation industries.
With training facilities in Mackay, Rockhampton and Brisbane, we are well placed to service your safety training and consultancy needs across the Queensland.
Safety delivers the following accredited short courses:

• Coal Mining Induction (RRTOA) - Standard 11 (Surface) and (Surface & Underground)
• Coal Mining Induction Upgrade (RRTOA) - Standard 11 (Surface)
• Coal Mining Supervisor (S123) - (RIIRIS301, RIIOHS301, RIICOM301) (full and refresher)
• Coal Mining Risk Management (G2) - (RIIRIS4)
• Confined Space (full and refresher)
• Construction Induction (White Card)
• CPR (full and refresher)
• Defensive Driving
• EWP (RII and OH&S)
• First Aid (full and refresher)
• Forklift (RII and OH&S)
• Switch Board Rescue (LV)
• Working at Heights
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For more information and course bookings please call:

(07) 4952 9333 or Email:

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